Some people think when someone has a relapse it’s a sign of weakness, maybe their true. Being an ex anorexic it’s easy to slip into old habits such as, missing breakfast cause your busy and have to be someone where (e.g. school, college, work)  not taking a lunch break because you think you’re not hungry on simply feeling so crap about yourself that you just don’t want to eat. Recently I’ve been slipping into old habits of going “oh I haven’t got time for breakfast will miss my bus” to “oh I haven’t got money to get lunch today I forgot it” to be honest I’ve never been one to not eat because I think I’m fat because I’m not. I’m 5ft11 and 10st which is bang on healthy for my height, I go through stages of getting to the point of feeling so bad about myself I gradually stop eating. If that makes me a weak person then fine maybe I am but nobody’s perfect it just shows I’m human.

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