I’m back.

I’ve been sitting, staring at this screen for the past 40 minutes debating whether to delete this blog or not. This blog was created to be my emotional diary, the last time I wrote on this blog was 3/4 years ago and I was in a completely different head space to where I am now. I wanted to give up 3 years ago, life events had left me lost and down in the dumps.

Now I’m happy and health… I’ve fallen back in love with life and want to inspire others to do the same.

So I’ve decided no, I’m staying here.

Let me reintroduce myself. My names Rosie, I’m 21 and just your average girl who eats too much chocolate and wants to explore everything life throws my way. This time round I will be using this blog for everyday events, an emotional outlet and my coping strategies for when life kicks you a little bit too hard. Life has changed in the past few years and I’ll update in another blog; so for now I’ll leave you with my first goodbye and a beautiful photo of geneva lake with me awkwardly looking out to it… bye! x


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