Life Update 2014

Rewind to late 2014

After being lost for so long I decided I needed a change of scenery so I made the bold decision to move out of my parents house (Essex) and into my Nan’s house in London… ahhh CW sunset

London over the years has given me so many opportunities, two jobs, two fabulous sets of work pals and two education challenges… yes a lot of twos I know. Moving to a city in which you know no one was very scary, I was nervous but ready for something new. I ended up moving to London for college/work placement, I worked whilst I learned in industry – this is and always will be the best decision I had made. After finishing college aged 18 all my friends were off to University and I was stuck working which at the time I thought was awful but in reality it put me in a great position. It allowed me to experience working with different cultures, I made friends from all over the globe and I travelled a lot in Europe.

Working for high profile companies at such a young age gave me an insight into so many areas which I would never have known existed if I had gone straight to University. I was surrounded by people who dominate their field and it inspired me everyday, the only issue was the older I got the more I hated saying “no I never went to university”. I know you’re probably sitting there amused as I say 21 is old but remember I was surrounded with people who started conversations with “so which uni did you go to?” or “what did you study?”… It gets old quickly and I’d had enough.

In the summer of 2016 I decided to enrol with Open University and long distance study for a BA in Business and Management. This was extremely tough whilst working as I had to priorities my time and also say no to the pub more than I’d have liked too. Through all the late nights I become friends with a few people on the course who were dotted around the country and made a new BFF! YAY!

Skip a few months to February 2017 and I made another big decision. I applied to transfer my soon to be 2:1 grade with the Open University to The University of York, quit work and study full time, and yes this would mean moving again. After keeping this a secret for such a long time I found out I’d got in whilst in Geneva, Switzerland!

I’ve now been in York for nearly a month and love it. Although I had to leave behind my family and friends it’s been an amazing opportunity and I have fallen in love with another city… Who know a southerner would love the north?

If anyone can recommend restaurants in York or bars I’m all ears so please comment 🙂

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