Halloween… oh yeah… Great

Being a BDD sufferer halloween can be a difficult time. It can be the best/fun night of your life or the worst by killing your self esteem completely. For the past few years halloween has been super fun, you get to get ready with your girls with a bottle of wine, minus the frustration of false lashes, head down to a club and not remember the night the next morning.

This year was different. It was in a new city with a new group of girls whilst in the middle of a series of panic and anxiety attacks. Did I let that stop me? NOPE! One thing I have learnt on this mental health journey is push through. If you say no because of anxiety or panic attacks it just makes you feel worse. Yes, some people can’t do this because anxiety does freeze you but I refuse to let it control me.  Lately I’ve been having more frequent attacks, this is solely because I’ve moved towns and the control I once had is being tested – this is perfectly ok.

So with Halloween upon us I decided I was going to block out all of the voices in my head telling me not to go and just do it. It was honestly a fabulous night, I had such a good time, although the night did end early because of work the next day. We dressed up, had one too many drinks, danced the night away and came home to comfy beds. I went as a rabbit this year but turned it alittle nasty with fake blood made by Kate Moss Rimmel red lipstick – side note the best type of lip colour.

Makeup and Clothes included are:

Eyeshadow – Morphe 25B Palette (the best and my favourite!)

Lips – MUA Luxe #Three

Lashes – Primark (I Refuse to use expensive lashes on Halloween, it’s just a rip off)

Tail and Ears – Amazon (last minute.com as usual)

Skirt – Missguided

Hells, Top and Choker – New Look (are you an essex girl if you don’t own them heels?)

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