Biggest Heartbreak


The biggest heartbreak in my opinion isn’t always from a partner but more so from a friend. Growing up with someone you build a connection, you have memories and you grow together. You rely on them so much which leads me to ask, What do you do when they’re no longer there?

Yes you feel lost, yes you don’t know what to do and yes you cry a lot. But what do you do next? Who do you call when you meet someone? Who do you meet for dinner for your weekly gossip? Who do you text when you think of inside jokes?

Sometimes people just grow apart, you may not have done anything wrong. How do you handle that? My advice – People come into your life, some are here to stay but some are here just for a reason. You can’t control people’s opinions and you certainly can’t control their emotions, but you can learn and grow from it.

People will come and go but just remember for every person who leaves, it opens a space in your life for someone better and new.


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