Hotel Work – The Truth

After spending the last 2 years jetting around Europe every few months I’d come to see hotels and hostels as a home away from home. Everyone I’d stayed in had amazing design and even more fabulous staff, this in hind sight made me want to work in a hotel whilst at university. Being someone who’s always worked whether that be full time/part time/ voluntary I’d never had the chance to try different jobs out stage as I’d gone from volunteering to full time work in a career structure.

For the past two months I have been working for a 5* hotel in York. If you’re the same age as me 9/10 you would’ve watched The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on Disney channel and believed hotels ran like the show. Well no. It includes 10-hour shifts, one 30-minute break, standing in the same position all shift without sitting down and intolerable guests. It was nothing like the show it was 10 times worse, if you aren’t a people person/ morning person/ smile all the time person I would highly recommend avoiding hotel work as it would be your worst nightmare.

Including one of my favourite, most relatable clips from the show.

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