The Body Shop Face Miracle

Although I have never been a sufferer of spots boy have I been a sufferer of dry skin and eczema. I should actually start this off by admitting that I have always had a ridiculous love for The Body Shop and their products, simply because they smell amazing, they work miracles and the shop itself have products that are amazingly priced with great value for money.

Over the years I have always been after the miracle cure… a product that will kill my eczema. My atopic eczema is on my face, which if you have the same you will understand how annoying it is. It is the most itchy, burning, irritating sensations you’ll ever experience, my whole teenhood was spent trying to find a cure. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the the products below.

The new…ish face masks are a product sent from god for every bad skin/eczema suffer, I have tried every single one in the range and have found the two shown in the picture above are perfectly contrasting and work perfectly together.

Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask: If anyone reading this lives in a city you will understand the irritation that pollution causes to bad skin suffers. This mask does exactly what it suggests, it cleanses the skin from pollution and leaves the skin feeling radiant. I found that most cleansing masks irritated my skin and left it red… tomato red, so I was very specticule when trying this out. Due to the small particles in the product it was very smooth to my skin and when removing left my skin feeling extremely smooth and the most important thing NO RED PATCHES!

After applying, setting, removing the Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask I’d move onto the British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask.

British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask: The first thing that surprised me about this product was the fact I had 0% reaction from the Rose. I found that most floral scented products are a complete no go for me, if I put them anywhere near my face it would result in red patches and days of irritation. This product gave a completely different affect, it cooled my skin and as it suggests gave my skin a glow that I had not experienced before. It is a refreshing gel face mask based on bathing rituals that will replenish your face with moisture and smoothness. Due to the first mask taking out the bad and drying out your skin this product was the perfect match because it put the good back and gave a smooth finish.

Both products are 100% vegan friendly and are the ideal product for anyone with skin problems, I have never had such good skin. It is the smoothest and healthiest it has ever been and it is all thanks to the body shop! I’d highly recommend trying out this mask range, mix and match to find your perfect combination like me. The product alone is £17 and has lasted me 5/6 months each – keep in mind I use both products once to twice a week without fail, which makes this product great value for money in my opinion.

THANK YOU The Body Shop for finally giving me the product I’d always been looking for that I never knew I needed!

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