Jelly Bombs

Jelly Bath Bombs… I leave you to imagine it for yourself.

Being a massive fan off The Body Shop I am also a massive fan of Lush. Their products are equally as good and equally have my love. Recently Lush brought out the new “Jelly Bombs”, the range include four new bath bombs which radiate with colour and smell but unlike the normal bath bombs they will coat the water in jelly. Lush state that the jelly bombs are meant to soften and soothe the skin, so naturally you know I was all over this. All of the Jelly Bombs are priced at £4.95 although I havent had time to try them all I did try The Big Sleep … dun dun dunnnnn!

The Big Sleep: Created to help you catch the Z’s when you’re struggling, filled with chamomile and lavender, it is the perfect combination for the perfect night’s sleep. The smoothing jelly is introduced to moisturise your skin and release the tensions you may have.


As promised the Jelly Bomb lived up to expectations! I have never in my life had a such a brilliant nights sleep. My skin felt super smooth and silky, I must admit though that the jelly did throw me for a minute as I’m used to normal fizz bath bombs. I half expected the bath to be full of jelly but it was only a sheet on top of the water which gradually broke apart as I moved in the bath.

This product is 100% Rosie skin approved! It did not irritate anything and actually helped my dry skin. with an amazing price point at £4.95 per bomb this product is perfect if you’re looking for a deep sleep skin smoother. It also helps that the end product is perfect for them instas!




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