I made a mistake.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll know that I gave up my job and relocated up north to the beautiful city of York for University in September 2017. That decision sadly turned out to be the wrong one. It had nothing to do with anyone but myself, financially and work wise it didn’t feel right. I wonder if I came solely because all of my friends were graduating and I felt like I should’ve been as well. Transfering from the Open University was a big deal, being the first in my immediate family to go to an institutional university there was an enormous amount of pressure. I was self funding myself due to complications with SFE and being a mature student (someone over 21).

I’ve met some truly amazing people, been to some super interesting lectures and amazing events BUT I’m just no longer happy. I’ve been having a similar amount of anxiety attack as I did during my eating disorder since being at York University. This had nothing to do with the university itself but I does with my self satisfaction, I always felt more accomplished at OU and like I was using my time more wisely. After a long debate with myself and careful consideration I’ve decided the best thing to do for my health and grades is to move back to London and transfer back to the OU. Although this means moving away from new friends, an amazing institution and the most beautiful city, I have to put my happiness first. Yes I made a mistake and yes it has delayed my degree but at the end of the day if you are happy then you’re fine. Nothing should take that away.

I highly recommend the Open University to anyone who wishes to study but doesn’t want/can’t got to an institutional university. Nothing should stop you from progressing yourself personally or educationally.

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