Dear Open University

Dear The Open University, Errrm I’m back … sorry?

Too say I feel like a boomerang is an understatement. After studying with the OU for a year part time, I moved to a brick university. After a term at a brick University I realised I’d made a massive mistake and now I’m back. I’ve been told by countless amount of people that my decision wasn’t bad, I haven’t let anyone down and everything is fine – so why do I feel like I’m crawling back for forgiveness after a messy break up?

Open University I’m sorry for ever thinking of leaving you. I’m sorry for putting another university above you and most importantly I’m sorry for doubting you for even a minute.

If you have studied with the Open University before you will know that sometimes you don’t get the best tutors in the world. After writing a 1500 word essay and only receiving 3 sentences back on feedback, I lost all motivation. I didn’t know how to improve anymore and was stuck getting 75%-80% marks. Don’t get me wrong I’m incredibly happy and proud to be on a solid 2:1, but for an OU student it is incredibly frustrating considering you need 85% for a first. With this frustration it is what led me to the University of York. I thought that going to a brick university was the solution to all of my academic needs, lectures on hand who I could talk face to face with, being surrounded by students studying the same subject – with the same mental breakdowns during exam season. I was wrong. I was very wrong.

Moving to a brick university surrounded by 18/19 year olds who had no motivation, no respect and just wanted to get blind drunk was not my idea of hard core studying. Although I’m only 22 and love a good night out, I’m not for going out on lecture nights, walking 30 minutes into town in the cold just to walk back two hours later because someone’s “too drunk again” – been there, done that.

Open University honestly is that second chance to carry on with your life without missing out. No it isn’t the same as Brick University, but it is an experience I wouldn’t pass up. It’s safe to say educationally “I’m home” and happier than ever.

• I use the below image as a reminder of how good I felt when I submitted my final assignment from year 1.


7 thoughts on “Dear Open University

  1. I’ve considered joining the Open uni before, how are you finding it?! How do you find motivation, my biggest fear is being too distracted though I feel like this is something I need to achieve for myself. X x

    1. I won’t lie it is a struggle but completely worth it when you finish the year! What would you study? I’m thinking of writing a post about motivation x

      1. I have no idea! I’ve been trying to give it a think and I’ve looked at a few of them but can’t make my mind up, I tried out one of the free courses they offer to see how I’d find it but I didn’t stick to it for long, maybe because ‘there was no actual point’ in the free one or maybe I would be completely useless if I were to do a full course LOL x

      2. I completely get that. I think the thought that I will eventually get a degree is the main motivator. The OU advert video isn’t a lie, it’s the most stressful time but so worth it – I also say to myself if I get some reading done then I’m allowed to go for dinner with friends! 100% recommend you call them and ask, student support is amazing!

      3. Thanks so much for your advice and help! I think I’ll definitely continue to look into it and maybe give them a ring, you’ve been so helpful x

  2. I’m doing an OU BSc in Computing and it, it’s been a steep learning curve. I’m in the middle of completing the two EMA’s and once complete, stage one is over. I start stage two in October and that’s when the heat gets turned up.

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