My skin care products

Most people have a buying addiction of some form. Whether that be shoes, clothes, cocktails or makeup, mine happens to be skin care products. I’ve inserted two pictures below of my skin care/hair care area (my make up is under the table).

I arrange things in the following

  • Items I use on a daily basis – these are located on the shelf in front of my mirror. It includes overnight creams for dry skin, masks from the body shop and hairspray/dry shampoo.
  • Two mugs of nail care products (such as clips, cutters and scissors) and makeup brushes.
  • A basket of hair bands, hair clips and bobby pins.
  • Coconut oil (I use this for my hair, you can argue wether this works but I think it gives a nice shine to my hair).

A big basket of skin products ranging from make up removers, skin toners, hair spray for heat defence , moisturisers and many a eczema creams. I also have a tanning moisturiser which I wish I’d read the instructions to and not ended up with golden legs ( I know I’m an Essex girl but come on).

After years of bad skin I have finally made many a concoction to find a cure to over oily skin or sensitive skin or dry skin. If anyone is in need of a suggestion just ask 🙂

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