50 Things About Me

me 1

  1. My names Rosie
  2. I’m 22 years old
  3. I grew up in Essex but am from London
  4. My favourite drink is a sex on the beach cocktail
  5. My favourite food is stew or bourbon biscuits
  6. My favourite holiday has been Ibiza part 1
  7. Top of my bucket list is to backpack in Asia
  8. My biggest regret is not leaving sooner (I’ve explain this in a future post)
  9. I love cats and dogs equally
  10. I’m recently single and plan on staying that way for a while
  11. I’m a Sagittarius
  12. Favourite band is Westlife
  13. I have one tattoo which is located on my right ribs (although I want another)
  14. I’m currently reading my university books ☹
  15. I have a dog called Harvey and a cat called Betty
  16. I have Hazel coloured eyes
  17. My nickname growing up was Rooraa or Foster
  18. My favourite quote is “life’s a climb but the views great”
  19. My favourite piece of clothing is my a newly purchased denim jacket
  20. My most used swear word is F**K
  21. I’ve been best friends with my best friend for 12 years this year
  22. I’m allergic to pineapple
  23. My favourite platform to use is WordPress or Instagram
  24. My favourite festival I’ve been to is V festival 2016 – the line-up was great
  25. My favourite subject in school was Art
  26. My least favourite subject was Chemistry
  27. I studied Travel and Art at college
  28. I’m currently studying Business and Management degree at The Open University
  29. I lived in York for 3 months
  30. I had my first heartbreak at 14
  31. The first person I truly loved was at 21/22
  32. My first holiday was to Turkey with my family
  33. I have only ever slapped one person and that was an incredibly disrespectful guy
  34. The first person I call with exciting news is my nan
  35. My favourite musician is Jake Bugg (Pine Tree’s is a personal fave)
  36. My inspiration is Kendall Jenner (she seems so bad ass)
  37. My favourite film will always be The Wedding Singer
  38. I’ve never cheated on anyone
  39. I’ve never broken a bone
  40. If I could give my younger self advice it would be to go and get help quicker
  41. I don’t have a driving license yet
  42. In fact, I’ve never had a lesson
  43. One thing I wish I knew when I was younger – DON’T PANIC EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT as nan says que sera sera
  44. The first app I check in the morning on my phone is Instagram
  45. My best feature is my hair
  46. I guess you can call my hobby yoga
  47. I have visited 10 countries
  48. I work in office administration and personal assistance
  49. My favourite fruit is grapes
  50. I’ve been to 6 festivals, several times


Hi, nice to put a face to a name?

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