I was having a brain storm for my Asia trip today and realised I haven’t written about any of my own adventures yet. So, I decided to start now with my favourite trip to date – Barcelona. In all honesty Barcelona has everything, great food, friendly people and fabulous culture. I went in May 2017 for a weekend away with a friend, we had beautiful weather and a little too much to drink. To start, we stayed in Sant Jordi Hostel Rock Palace which I could not recommend more, if you are traveling alone or with a friend and are looking for a friendly atmosphere this is the place to be. The hostel is a hub for international travellers, whilst staying we had 2 Americans, 2 Swedish guys and 2 Australia’s in our dorm. The hostel hosts a pub crawl every night and encourages you to go along to mingle, one night they celebrated and got someone a cake for their birthday as they were traveling alone.

So where did we go? What did we do?

To start check out Las Ramblas, its touristy and busy but is home to the famous food market. You can get a full fresh pot of fruit for 2 Euros! I’m a massive fan! I’d highly recommend renting out bikes and riding through the busheling streets to the long beaches at Barceloneta. Although Barcelona isn’t a massive bike city like Amsterdam it is a super quick and cheap way to travel around if you’re short for time like we were.

Two tourist places worth a visit in my opinion are La Sagrda Familia and Parc Guell. I say this because of the pure scale of them and the attention to detail is like no where else. La Sagrda Familia is still being built so it is extremely interesting to see the old come into the new. Parc Guell is life changing (if you love art like me) because it is a reflection of Gaudi’s naturalist phase – I highly recommend that you take your time here and look at the art work in detail. Also, it’s a fab place for the insta’s.

For the rest of the trip I must admit I was pretty hungover and don’t remember to much –  at least that means I had a great time! If you do travel to Barcelona the most important tip I can give is to make sure you try the Spanish wine and the Tapas. If you are a massive foodie and art enthusiast then Barcelona is the place for you.

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