Oils and Bubble Bars

Over the last few weeks I have massively been into baths and have been trying to find the perfect oil and bubble bar combination to relax too. Of course, I went straight to Lush – one of my favourite shops! If you’ve read any of my posts about skin, then you’ll know that I have super sensitive skin that will react to almost anything. I hunted high and low and tried countless amounts of products – I think my total came to £40/£50 in the end, but at last I found two combinations that not only agreed with my skin but also sent me into some of the deepest sleeps I’ve EVER had.

1. A French Kiss Bubble Bar and You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Oil

The French Kiss bubble bar is an herbal treat for your skin, made of fresh rosemary and lavender. Once the Soothing lavender is crumbled under running warm water your bath will be ready to be mixed with an oil. My oil of choice is the You’ve been Mangoed bath oil, full of lemongrass, lime and lemon oils the soften and moisturise your skin. The bubble bar priced at £4.95 and the oil priced at £2.50 make for that deliciously cheap pamper that your skin has been crying out for.

2. Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds and Dreamtime Bath Oil

My second combination is the Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds bubble bar and the Dreamtime Bath Oil. The patchouli oil used by aromatherapists makes for a relaxing, earthy aroma whilst the bar turns your water a sky-blue and creates fluffy clouds of bubbles (I see what they did with the name here and love it!) – It’s basically meant to calm you, which it 100% did so much that I almost fell asleep. My oil to mix this with is the Dreamtime bath oil which combined with soothing cocoa butter and antibacterial ginger oil creates an escape to the dream world. The bubble bar is priced at £4.95 and the oil at £2.50, this again is a cheap way to send yourself into the deepest sleep you’ll ever have whilst giving your skin the refresh moisture it needs.

Lush has once again blown me away with its incredible ways of providing us with amazing products that sooth our sensitive skin instead of irritating it like most. Lush you have out done yourself with your price range by offering super effective products at user friendly prices and I will be recommending these 4 products too all of my fellow sufferers – we love you!!

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