Where next?

I started this blog as a diary to vent, get my frustration of mental health out and to help people learn from my mistakes. I’m struggling to know what to do with this blog because now it’s growing and I’m interested in different things compared to when I was 14, such as travel/work/uni/relationships. I don’t ever want to become one of them bloggers that solely blogs travel or mental health; I want my blog to stay a mixture of everything. Rarely do I find a blogger that posts about how to travel with a mental health issue and monthly favourites and art movements and what to do when you visit a physiatrist for a first time on one blog.

As my life develops and I learn new ways of coping and discover new things I want to continue on writing about them without the worry of going off topic. If anything I want people to continue coming to this blog as a sanctuary space, whether that be for advice on bath bombs or eating disorder hacks or traveling. I’m going to Valencia in a few weeks so I may write about that, when I get to Asia I’ll probably write about that and when I go to the doctors on Tuesday for my first bi polar assessment I may well write about that. Who knows?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I hope people who come to this blog regularly won’t mind the odd out of place post. I’m not 14 anymore with just mental health issues – I actually have a life, who would’ve thought!

Have any other bloggers felt like this?

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