Weather and me

Has anyone else ever wondered if emotions are connected to the weather? Maybe I’m just crazy. Tomorrow is bi polar assessment day and oddly enough the weather is complete fog here in London today. As I’m looking out of the office window it makes me see the connection between my future and the fog. My future is the fog.

This year has been full of what ifs but tomorrow is the biggest. What if I hadn’t come back from york? What if I didn’t get this job? What if I never had my last break down? What if I hadn’t had a suspected manic episode? What if tomorrow my physiatrist confirms my doctors thoughts?

My only resolution for 2018 was to be happy and so far it’s been the polar opposite. Once I got back to London my plan was to go travelling once I finished this year of open university but now that plans become foggy. 2018 has become foggy. For someone who gives a lot of tips and tricks I think I’m in need of some myself. If anyone has any recommendations on how to deal with this fogginess please comment or directly email me. I’ve never felt so lost, even through my eating disorder there was always a light at the end of the tunnel, this time it feels different.


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