My day in photos

I thought a simple blog post about my day would be pretty boring so that lead me to creating the “my day in photos” blog post! This may equally be as boring so sorry in advance, I did this on a work day.

I start the day waking up in my cozy bed.

After getting dressed, brushing my teeth and all the normal morning routines I jump on the bus and head to the office. (Check out my train blog post about why I struggle with the train!).

Once at the office I head on up to level 7. On my first day I was told the elevators often break down because of ghosts… ok then.

I then get to my desk, log on and make the first coffee/ tea of the morning. Anyone else live on coffee during the depression stage of BP?

I then spend my mornings doing your average administrator/pa jobs – this does consist a lot of looking at complex calendars, yay! Obviously I can’t put my actual work screen on here. That would be a massive data protection violation and I sit next to the data protection guys… would be awks and I’d never hear the end of it!

The rest of the day is filled with tea, catch ups and you guessed it lots of paperwork and meeting scheduling.

Everyone gets bored in the evening, lets admit it. When I get bored I enjoy making up stories for the items on my desk and posting them onto Instagram (follow me if you’d like at fostersxoxo).

If you live in the UK you’ll know we haven’t been very lucky with the weather lately but when we are I really enjoy walking. At the end of the day, I take a longer walk to a further bus stop and potter on home.

When home I spend majority of my evenings at the moment studying for my degree (insert yawn). If I’m not studying then I’m most likely out at a classic mainstream restaurant with friends. Sadly I don’t have a picture of this as I forget to take photos of my food as I’m already eating and enjoying it – sorry!

I will 100% redo this blog post on a day where I have interesting things to show! This will also be the first post that will be linked to my twitter account – fun stuff aye?

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