My Tattoo

If you aren’t interested in hearing another “I got this tattoo because it means something” or “I got this tattoo because it’s my inspiration when I hit hard days” tattoo story then you’ve come to the right place and you’ll love this post. I see a lot of posts flying around about tattoos and peoples meanings behind them so I thought I’d jump on that wagon and tell my tattoo story.

Brace yourself because it’s dumb. Not “I was drunk in Ibiza” dumb, but dumb.

I had a picture as the background on my phone for about a year and feel in love with the saying. It kept me optimistic when things weren’t exactly going my way. So after months of looking at it and debating it, I booked an appointment and I decided to get it tattooed on to my ribs – the placement? my god am I thankful for, I give past Rosie a pat on the back for that one.

I loved it. My friends liked it. My family thought it was cute. My best friend how ever… well she just had to link it to something didn’t she. The words were “Life’s a climb but the view is great” with a little bird next to it.

Now you’re probably thinking about what it relates to, let me give you a hint. If you’re a 90s kid and watched Hannah Montana you’ll recognize it as one of the main songs to the film. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have Hannah Montana lyrics, on my body, permanently.

Go. Me. Well done Rosie. Genius. Fabulous. Brilliant. Although I originally had the tattoo for a meaning, I now have a funny story to tell. This turned out to be a good mistake. My advice? Make sure you check every link to a tattoo before getting it!

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