OU and Bi Polar 2

The depressions back. I’ve felt it creeping for the last few days. The joy I had for anything has slowly disappeared, the motivation I had to socialize and work is no more. I just want my bed and nothing else. I rarely blog whilst depressed because I never have the energy but this time I’m forcing myself too before it gets to that stage. This is because something important happened.

Whilst I’d been hypo manic for the pasted week or two I’d said I’d rather be depressed because I can’t imagine living life on the edge all the time. I didn’t want to feel like a goldfish any more. But now I find myself questioning why I ever picked depression over hypo mania? Surely feeling on edge in a good way and being slight paranoid is better than feeling on edge with life itself? Surely being super creative and happy is better than sitting around swallowed in self pity – I’d love to hear others opinions on this.

Anyway, the important thing that happened. Open university have offered me the support I need for my Bi Polar. They simply put it “it’s just a part of you, why should it affect your studying?”.

Can I just give OU a round of applause. Like seriously. That’s amazing.

After going to University of York and asking for help I learnt two things:

  1. They only care about grades.
  2. They’ll only offer you help if you do something that could damage their reputation.

At York university I received a simple email saying “you may be feeling low now, how about you join another club” and “join a social committee and get involved”. Mate. The contrast between the two universities is insane. This shows that just because you go to a Russell group university which is in the top 20 in the country, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the support and help you need and deserve. I was paying £9,250 a year and all I got when I was at a low point was “join a club”.

University of York maybe you haven’t met depression but Open University clearly has. OU offered me everything from a ear to just listen, to a chat about how my tutor can help during the lows and links to support groups. OU have made it very clear that they will not let a student full behind just because they are low. They are open to extensions, they are open to more one on one time and they are 100% dedicated to their students well being. In all honesty the discussion I had today with The Open University has never made me prouder to be a student of such an amazing establishment. It has also made me realize that transferring back was the best decision I have made.

If you are considering studying with OU but are worried because you have a mental health issue, physical disability or are just struggling with life right now I urge you to talk to the student support team. They will reassure every worry you have ever had about studying.

Open University, thank you x


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