My first bank holiday sober

So here we are, at the end of a bank holiday. I haven’t broken my non alcohol ban and I’m completely sober!

Accomplishment I think so! Well done Rosie!

The bank holiday worried me. Normally on a bank holiday I’d go out on the Friday night with a bunch of friends and get off my nutter – yes I’m using the word nutter. Wake up Saturday feeling like absolute shit and end up going out again on the Saturday night to repeat the nights habits of drinking 10 shots too many and texting the wrong person 1000% times.

However to everyone this may seem like the best decision for a 22 year old, I mean it is, it’s normal attitude right? Extra day off let’s get plastered! But to a 22 with Bi polar that’s affected by alcohol not so much. I’ve kind of been keeping out of situations that revolve around alcohol lately because I’m in a depressive episode that won’t budge. When I’m depressed that’s when I find I drink a ridiculous amount to make myself feel better. Since I’ve been sober I’ve found the depressive cycle the hardest not to drink.

So being slightly depressed over a bank holiday (I’m currently on my way out of the depression) meant that I couldn’t go to the pub after work Friday. I couldn’t go to the park, have a bottle and sun tan and I couldn’t have a beer at a family barbecue. Instead I threw myself into studying and writing an essay that is due for OU this week. I still had the barbecue but it wasn’t the same and I passed up A LOT of offers to go to the pub.

Interestingly I did find some great products for none drinkers which made my weekend! I’ve realised I’ve missed so much social time with friends and family because of my none drinking that I needed to find a solution. Marks and Spencer’s have a fabulous range of none alcoholic wine and some great tasting cordial. Did you know you can buy none alcoholic cider at the Wetherspoons? And most importantly, none alcoholic pims from Asda?! I highly recommend that anyone who is trying to stay sober and survive the summer with a social life check it out!

Hope everyone’s had a lovely bank holiday and has enjoyed this once in a year nice British weather!



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