Getting inspired again!

When I transferred back to The Open University in February I was a nervous wreck when it came to academics. My confidence was shot and I thought I was 100% going to fail the exam I sat in April. I wasn’t retaining any information because my head was so full of dealing with this bi polar diagnosis that I couldn’t clear my mind of thoughts.

BUT something unexpected happened!

I passed – yay!

As well as this, I submitted my first essay in on time! I’m extremely proud of this because I truly thought I was going to have to defer this academic year. Everything was becoming too much but I’ve realised that OU is my little bit of normal and I’m holding onto it. When things get too much with my bi polar then studying becomes my outlet to remind myself I’m a smart young lady who has a hopefully… actually scrap that. I’m a smart young lady who has a bright future ahead of herself. It’s also made me more motivated then ever to get my degree as quick as I can. So that leads to my question!

Question: how do you find studying with open uni full time whilst working full time?

I’m debating this like mad but I don’t know anyone who’s actually done it so any comments would be grateful!

9 thoughts on “Getting inspired again!

  1. I’ve just finished my OU degree and graduated a few months ago.

    I worked full time throughout, and I didn’t study full time for the whole degree, but at times I took on more credits than others as I raced to finish it while still on one of the old (cheaper) fee schemes which had a deadline.

    I look back now and I don’t really know how I found the time to do it! It was just discipline and organisation I think. While studying I discovered the Bullet Journal which helped me plan my time better and I still use it now.

    I was very aware that I needed at least the whole of one (and probably both) of my days off each week. I was always a week or two behind the OU timetable but managed to pull it out of the bag and get assignments in on time.

    I worked through all of the course material but I didn’t do all of the activities and exercises if they didn’t seem directly relevant to the assignment – because I was always slightly behind I was always focused on getting the assignment in (I had the misguided idea that one day I’d discover a vortex of time to go back and redo all the bits I skipped).

    It’s like anything, where there’s a will there’s a way. If you’re inspired you’ll get there. Good luck to you (although it’s more about hard work than luck).

      1. 100 times yes. The only thing stopping me doing a masters right now is money (and I definitely don’t neeeeeeed a masters, I just want to study one).

        I’m enjoying all this free time I have now but I miss studying. It was such a big part of my life for those years, it’s like losing something!

      2. Hahaha I just don’t know if it’s work speeding to do it potentially getting a lower grade when I could slow down and get a decent grade but take longer to do it

      3. I guess it depends what you’re hoping to get out of it. If it’s to lead to a job then maybe you want to do it as quickly as possible. If it’s not for a particular target, but more to lead on to other things gradually then maybe take your time and make the most of it.

      4. Then it’s completely up to you. And unlike one view over on the Twitters, it IS possible. However, and this is very much just my opinion, I would recommend doing a little less than full time. Everyone needs to have some time off for themselves as a break. You don’t have to do completely part time, but maybe 90 credits rather than 120?

        One other piece of advice: regardless of the number of credits, I found that two modules was the maximum I could cope with at once because of all the deadlines. When I did 90 credits at once, I could deal with a 60 credit and a 30 credit but not 3 x 30 credits – the amount of clashing deadlines becomes (again, in my opinion) too difficult to manage unless you’re not working and have the time to dedicate to each one.

      5. That’s actually I really good point I never thought of! I will 100% take everything you’ve said on board – thank you!

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