Tips for travelling with newly diagnosed Bipolar unmedicated

Oooo unmedicated, must mean I’m off my fruit loop right? No, I just haven’t found a medication that works for me yet and my psychiatrist thinks I should look at every option before tablets. His a nice guys haha!

After taking my first trip since being diagnosed and most things going wrong because of my bipolar, I think I can safely write this post without sounding like a dick. So here are my tips for travelling with Bipolar without being medicated!

1. Sleep! Do not mix your sleeping pattern up just to get more out of your trip by flying early or late flights.

2. Leading on from the first one, pay the little extra to fly at a more convenient time. Don’t fly at 7am to save £20/£30 if it’ll affect your health – not worthit! If you’re anything like me it’ll just make you more manic.

3. If you know your cycle then try and book your trip around a bleach period where you’ll be coming out of depression and going manic. You’ll be inclined to do more instead of going at a time when you’ll be going into depression.

4. Travel with people who know your bipolar enough that they will respect when you need extra sleep or just a chilled night. Equally when you’re manic and need to sit in your room to calm down for an hour. Do you trust the people you’re travelling with?

5. Research the place before you go. Find out if they have a party scene and if so, do they have a non-alcoholic drunks? Find out how easy it is to get from the airport to your accommodation.

6. Make an itinerary! This will 100% stop the anxiousness if you are on edge. It will help with the “what if”.

7. If you’re a hostel gal like me then check the hostel reviews. Is it a loud hostel full of school kids? Or is it a hostel full of respectful backpackers? The last thing you want to do is put yourself in a situation where you can’t escape from noise if need be.

8. Know your limits. If you aren’t comfortable doing something speak up! This was my biggest mistake, I didn’t want to be around the same people as my friend and being a people pleaser I didn’t say anything which resulted in me going super manic and having an outburst.

9. Avoid crowded areas. This one sounds silly I know because obviously sightseeing areas are going to be crowded. Find out opening times and try and go early or late. Don’t let yourself get fishbowl vision because of the busy atmosphere!

10. Don’t let the Bipolar stop you from having fun. I heard a saying that has stuck with me recently and it’s “if you think somethings going to happen, it will 100% happen”. If you think your bipolar will get in the way, it 100% will.

The best thing I gained from my first trip with Bipolar was yes it is slightly harder to travel with but it’s not impossible. It will never be impossible to travel.

Has anyone got any tips for travelling with Bipolar?

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