OU May Monthly Update

Recently I’ve been shown a lot of love on my twitter account for my Open University story. Like a lot of love and I’m so grateful for it because it’s honestly kept me going this month. I’ve decided to start my first series on my blog called “OU Monthly Update”.

This is so anyone who is interested in my story can keep track of how things are going and where I’m at. It’s also for people who are searching for an honest review on how OU affects your everyday life and mental well being. As you all know I study part time and work full time and have a blog to look after – stressful is an understatement when it comes to being busy. If you want the truth about how things will run, stick with me.

Anyway, onto the monthly update I suppose!


May, May, Oh how I haven’t had time for you. This month has been awful regarding open uni, it’s been year end at work and I’ve had 2 TMA’s due within 2 weeks of each other. I’m currently doing B123 and B122 which if anyone’s done will know that it involved a lot of reading and a lot of self review.

Normally I do B123 during my lunch break at work because it enables me to think more business than at home, B123 is basically a review of your own practise. But as it’s been year end the guys who I help look after have been ridiculously busy as of late and I haven’t had time to sit and do my uni work – ahh! This has lead to me skipping between the two modules and trying to manage my time wisely.

Not only have I been busy at work but OU have now informed by tutor about my bipolar. This means that I am allowed a few more extensions and my tutor has to keep in mind I may be going through a depression cycle which affects my grades a lot, I go from 75/80% to 45/50%. I haven’t received feedback on an essay I’ve submitted whilst depressed so I’ll update you on that when I do!

This month has taught me a few things:

1. Manage the stress of essays and don’t let it affect your mental state. For example, this week has really spiked my mania because I haven’t stopped thinking about uni and work so my brain hasn’t been able to slow down – of course I crashed right into depression for a few days which after made the stress of wasting a few days more higher as my deadline was slowly creeping up, catch 22 people!

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for an extension if you’re studying two modules. Tutors know how stressful things can get and aren’t going to judge you. You fill in your profile for a reason, so tutors can get an idea of your life and how busy you’ll potentially get!

3. Step away from the book or work station and concentrate on one thing. For the past two weeks I’ve been extremely stricter with myself and said when I’m at work I’m at work, any free time outside of the office is study time. I found this reduced my stress because I was only busy with one thing in my head instead of 3 (2 being my pending TMA deadlines).

I honestly hope this helps with your decision to sign up with the OU or answered any questions you may have had! I’m you want to know anything in particular please leave a comment or message me on Twitter @Rosiesxblog

Bye! 💕

2 thoughts on “OU May Monthly Update

  1. Honestly respect you so much with having a full time job, studying part time, keeping up with your blog and dealing with bipolar! 💕

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