Madness Update

You’ll notice as of recent my blog has been extremely quiet. This is because reality has hit me super hard. I have two essays due in early July with Open University, work is very busy at the moment and I’ve just started on my Bipolar medication. Not only has my blog taken a hit but the gym has as well. My Bipolar medication totaled me at the weekend and then I nearly over dosed due to a miss calculation of body mass/ mg, so I ended up in A&E last night. All’s fine, it was just a miss judgment and I’m on the mend, although now I understand why people OD. It’s so peaceful to just sleep. DON’T take that as a suggestion to OD.

Anyway, this annoys me so much because my blog has always been my sanctuary. It’s basically my diary xoxo Rosiesblog, lol gossip girl lovers hit me up! I’d decided that the week days where for work, gym and blogging and then weekends were for my OU studies. Unfortunately due to the Bipolar medication the whole week and weekends have now turned into OU time (FML). Hopefully this won’t last for long now that my Bipolar meds are correct and I’ve actually started my next assessments for uni – FINALLY!

I just wanted to explain where I’d been and say I miss writing everyday.

Also maybe I should’ve named my blog busyrosies… tongue twister haha

8 thoughts on “Madness Update

  1. I hope you find your rythm/ new routine soon. I’m sending positive healthy vibes to help with how your medication has you feeling right now.

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