Things I may never talk about on my blog

Are you one of them people on social media that shows your relationship everywhere and writes them really cringe posts? Then stop reading now. This post will only annoy you, that’s a promise.

Since I saw a post on twitter about what people wanted to see on blogs, I’ve had think and I don’t think I’d ever write about these things and I wanted your opinion.

*Disclaimer, please don’t take offence to any of the below, they are all just personal things to me that I’m to chicken to write about. If you write about them, you’ve clearly got this and well done!*

  1. My bad relationship with my dad
  2. My worst breakup
  3. A traumatic experience that is personal and only a handful of people know about
  4. Details into ending life
  5. How much I earn from Word Ads
  6. Bad mouthing another blogger
  7. Political views

Please let me know your thoughts on this. I’m genuinely curious to know people’s opinions on blogging about the above and if you think it’s blogging acceptable.


4 thoughts on “Things I may never talk about on my blog

  1. Love it, genuinely have the same thoughts as you, sometimes, some things aren’t anyone’s business (in the nicest way possible)

  2. Majority of these I agree with. There were times when I had very strong political views but stopped myself. I try my very best not to mix politics into anything unless someone has brought it up.

  3. I agree. But for my political views… I am living a political issue so I always find myself standing up for people who don’t deserve the negative stereotypes of them. But in other words I wouldn’t just blindly discuss political views unless I just really wNt to express how agitated it makes me feel… idk it depends for the most part. I’m a passionate person so, anything that causes strong emotion to stir in me pretty much gets my attention whether negatively or positively… I just choose whether I want to respond or not.

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