GlossyBox – June!

I mentioned in another post that things had been pretty serious around here lately and I wanted to write more about lifestyle and skin/hair care. As I’m studying and working 24/7 at the moment I rarely have time to read about new products and go and get them to try. So, I found a solution, Glossybox! If you know anything about Glossybox than you will know that they are a monthly beauty subscription box totalling at £10.00 per month for approximately 5 small version products.

I received my first Glossy Box this week and to say the least I’m so bloody impressed! I’d read some reviews that said that it wasn’t worth £10.00 and now I’m thinking “love, are you serious?”. For a first box I may be quick to judge but I received 6 products most of which I loved and plan on buying myself for full value.

*Disclaimer, I’ve decided to stop this post getting too long to only write about the products that I found worked for me. I’m not writing about the full content*

What worked for me?


  1. Eye cool gel, Monu Skin (retail price £24.95)

I tried this as instructed on my eye lids which was meant to soothe and fresh my tired eyes. Well GOOD MORNING BROWN EYES! This worked so well, and I plan on keeping this in my handbag for use at work after them late night study sessions.

  1. Glycolic Scrub Fix, Nip + Fab (retail price £9.95

As you all know I have super sensitive skin due to eczema, so you can imagine my nerves when trying this product. But again, I was shockingly surprised! It suggests on the packaging that this product be used on the face, but I used this on my hands and arms and it striped me of dead skin and left me smelling mighty fine (slightly like an orange).

  1. Mystic Black Deep Hair Mask, Noven (retail price £11.95)

Oh, you know it, a hair product? Of course, I was all over this one. Meant to hydrate, free of frizz, tangles and split ends. Boy she does not lie when it comes to this product, I was left with smooth hair that felt like it had regained bounce. Not only that but it also smells like I imagine the ok emoji would smell if it had a smell. Will defo be buying this one again.

GlossyBox has seriously impressed me, and I can’t wait for the next one to arrive. I’d encourage anyone who wants to find new products but doesn’t know where to look to order a GlossyBox right now. With every product above being a success for £10.00 it’s 100% worth it price wise. If you’d like to hear about the products that I haven’t mentioned, then please just message me on my twitter which is linked below this post!


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