What’s in my bag tag?

DISCLAIMER: I saw someone else post this. Sorry I can’t tag you because I’ve forgotten who it was, please tag yourself in the comments so I can update the post if you are reading this and think it’s you!

I find this question quite interesting because some people say that the insides of a woman’s bag is the direct line to the depths of her soul… promise this post isn’t going to be that deep! For me this post is going to be pretty difficult because I have 3 bags. My handbag, gym bag (this will hold the content of my handbag on gym days) and I have a bag that I carry my university books around in.

So, for the purpose of this post I’m going to bullet point everything that’s collectively in all of the bags…. Stay with me on this, it’s going to take a while.

  • My purse
  • Keys
  • Water bottle – I take one everywhere, if you have an eating disorder you’ll most likely get this
  • Perfume – my nan always says you never know when you’re going to need it or who you’re going to meet, which is incredibly true. You don’t want to be walking into a meeting during work smelling!
  • My oyster card pass – If you live in London you’ll know everyone uses contactless and oyster cards to travel around, 9/10 these will be kept in the ultra-fancy oyster card holders
  • Bach Rescue Pastilles – these are probably the most important thing out of everything! A friend gave me these to try once when we hit a red signal on the underground and they completely chilled me out. Highly recommend them if you suffer from Anxiety or panic attacks and want a natural cure
  • University books – The vain of my existence and the thing that takes up the most room. Being an OU student means that I have to carry my books everywhere I go because 10 minutes on the bus is prime study time. You NEVER know when you might need them
  • Sunnies! – Simply we don’t get a lot of sun in the UK so we have to take advantage whilst we can. Plus the sun burns our eyes, we’re slightly like vampires
  • Spare pair of socks and tights – If working in offices has taught me anything it is to always have a spare pair of tights and socks, you don’t want to get walking into an important meeting with ladders in your tights!
  • Woman’s items – You all know what I mean
  • Countless amounts of hairclips, bands and pens
  • Pad lock – for the gym lockers duhh
  • Workout clothes

I’ve actually got to this part and realised anything else I include will be incredibly boring so I’m going to stop here!

What’s in your bag? Maybe we could start a new tag… I’m going to tag people on Twitter!



6 thoughts on “What’s in my bag tag?

  1. I love these posts so much, I’m so nosey haha! A spare pair of tights/socks is such a good idea!! I wish I carried a pair with me when i used to wear dresses to work!

  2. I can definitely relate to hair clips, bands and pens 😂 mine just seem to gather in my bag and then I find myself asking where they’ve gone when I need them x

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