Top 10 songs

This week I had been playing Taylor Swift songs 24/7 from my Spotify because I saw her live on Saturday – YAY!!

This made me so excited and brought me to this post. I listen to quite a few small bands as well as big, well known artists and I thought since most of my posts have been quite serious and about mental health lately, it was time to bring some lifestyle into the mix. So I thought I’d share with you my top favorite songs of all time.

  1. Taylor Swift – New Romantic


Of course I had to start with queen T herself. I have always LOVE Taylor swift’s music and always will. New Romantics is just a feel good song that everyone can dance too and feel fab.

2. The Hunna – Bonfire


The Hunna are a small band that I discovered on a Spotify suggested playlist. I haven’t looked back. The words to their songs are just so thought out and Bonfire I feel reminds me of my ex. Luckily I saw them recently at All Points East festival and could not recommend them anymore. Funny story, my best friend who had been looking for a job for months told me she’d been offered a contract during this song.

3. Vistas – Feel Alive


Vistas. Misters of the sisters. I found these guys at Bestival last year whilst it was raining cats and dogs, this didn’t stop these guys, oh no they carried on and lifted the crowd. I’ve been lucky enough to see them again since (although this time it was snowing – sorry guys, me and my friend think we give you bad luck!) and without them knowing about my blog or my friends music journalist background they were the soundest guys I’ve ever met. Highly recommend checking them out, they are defo main stage worthy!

4. All Time Low – Something’s Gotta Give


This song pulls on my past and future. It sums my feelings up perfectly whilst depressed. All Time Low thank you for being there every step of the way, you’re perfect in everyway.

5. Avicii – Without You


This one makes me sad. Avicii was my first headliner I saw at my first festival and he was the first act I saw in Ibiza. Avicii I miss you and will never stop loving the fun memories you bought me. I truly will NEVER be without you.

6. The Greatest Showman – Rewrite The Stars


Why don’t we rewrite the stars and say that you’ll be fine. Oh I have so much love for The Greatest Showman and for this song. I have this on repeat 24/7.

7. Kesha – Learn To Let Go


This song is too personal to talk about but I couldn’t not include it <3.

8. Shawn Mendes – In My Blood


I think we can all agree that this song represents all of our issues/disorders and that is why it’s one of my favorites because its so relatable.

9. Green Day – Holiday


I think we all grew up listening to Green day. I have fond memories of being over the park as a teen having this on blast whist messing around with my mates – teens now are missing out on this big time!

10. Martin Garrix – Together


Garrix. He was the last act I saw in Ibiza and was the last act I saw in general before I was diagnosed. I have so many happy party memories to last a life time with Martin Garrix. his music is all about bringing people together and what’s a better way than with a song called together.

I hope you can relate to some of these bands and this brings a smile to your face. I’ll link the smaller bands to their twitters – check them out!

What’s your favorite songs, I’d love to find some new artists of bands so feel free to link them in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Top 10 songs

  1. oh my goddddddd litterally screaming how much I used to love all time low!! I used to love weightless. I don’t possibly think I could possibly do my top 10 songs although some of my favourites at the minute are:
    Dua Lipa – One Kiss
    Clean bandit – solo
    hybrid minds – skeleton
    kasabian – you’re in love with a physco
    just jack – starz in their eyes

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