OU June Monthly Update

This month has been the worst for my open university journey. I’ve had to ask for an extension and I just can’t concentrate. If you read other parts of my blog then you will know that I’ve recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which brings medication.


I’m half way through my OU year and have not been able to concentrate one bit! Whether it’s the medication or just me I just haven’t felt motivated. For me marketing is a pretty boring subject but still, I should be able to read without my mind constantly wondering somewhere else. However, I have managed to get my mojo back and realised my slump was due to a depression phase. Now I’m out of it I’m doing well and have actually completed one of my two essays due 5th July! – YAY!


Although I have completed one, I have still asked for an extension on the one remanding. Why? Because I want to give myself time. Yes, I could probably knock out an essay this weekend but I guarantee I wouldn’t be any good, probably a 50% at most. Asking for extensions isn’t a sin and it defiantly isn’t bad if you are experiencing a health issue or just something that’s stressing you out in general. I highly recommend getting one if you need it, as OU students we are allowed two without penalty.


I wanted to also touch on studying with medication in this post. I found it awful at first. Like incredibly awful. My medication sky rocketed my mania so I couldn’t sit still for no longer than 2 minutes let alone study for 30 minutes. If you are going on medication I’d urge you to tell your tutor or student support, they understand! Student support offered my everything they could including an audio version of my book so I could study and walk around due to the mania.


All in all, this month has been pretty ugh for open university BUT I’m not giving up! If you are an Open University student what is your best advice?

Also I know my photos aren’t against a white wall, I study a lot whilst I’m moving around haha!


9 thoughts on “OU June Monthly Update

  1. Its great now everything is better for you. it is hard trying to maintain your studies and your mental health. I know what that feels like since I went though university with university during my second and third year. And I never got help.

    So good on you!

  2. This article is so relatable. I have had bad mental health this year and have had to ask for extensions and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed! It always makes me feel so much better knowing that there are others like me suffering with keeping up to date with academic work x

  3. I’ve just finished my degree with the OU. It was so though at times but you just have to keep going, making sure to ask for help/extensions when you need them. Remember, it will all be worth it in the end. I’ve since been offered a scholarship to do postgrad studies. Good luck! 😊

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