Splash Botanicas, Zoella Beauty

As you all know by now, I’m a massive skin care fan. It’s a massive reason as to why I started this blog in the first place and a massive reason as to why I carry it on. I just love making my skin feel better and loved so when I heard that Zoella had brought a new range out for Zoella beauty called “Splash Botanicas” you knew I was 100% going to try a few products. I am I massive fan of Zoella, I think she’s is a great role model for young woman ntrepreneurs and a great inspiration into small time bloggers, that if you carry on and keep going ANYTHING is possible.

For god sake, if this woman carries on I’m going to be bankrupt by my 23rd birthday. I LOVE this range. If I could put a range of all skincare products that work for my skin together then every single product I tried from Splash Botanicas would be there. I’m shocked, honestly. When I chose products from ranges I always pick 3 and 1 will always slightly disappoint further down the line. Splash Botanicas however, PERFECT. The range came out on 20th June and I haven’t had a bad reaction, a red patch or an itch since. WTF?!

What Did I Try?

I went to my local Superdrug, I scanned the shelves and picked these 3 products to review.img_0662.jpg

Drench Me Bath Soak


With the Drench Me Bath Soak you get 500ml for £6.95 and let me tell you now, a little goes a long way… like a really long way. I put a single quick pure in and I ended up with bubbles galore. When I use products that are Bath Soaks I normally end up with extremely dry skin. However, with this product it wasn’t the driest in the world, I mean it did dry my skin out slightly but what bath soak product doesn’t? For £6.95 or on the deal of 3 for 2 I think this product works extremely well and works very well with the other products.

This picture was taken as I first put the product in. The bubbles pretty much doubled.


Make A Splash Moisturising Wash


HELL YES! Did Zoella listen to all of us? YES! IF you used the old body wash (linked) from her previous range you’ll know that it was slightly tough to rub in. This one however, rubs in like a dream and again, a little bit went an incredible way. Priced at £6.00 this product leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and works sooooo well with the Drench Me Bath Soak. Whilst the bath soak dries the skin out, the moisturising wash remoisturises and gets your skin back to a 10 out of 10.


Quench Me Moisturising Body Sorbet


Including hydrating coconut water and lychee the gel is designed to leave your skin feeling soft and scented. After I finished my bath and dried my skin, I then moved onto the Quench Me Moisturising Body Sorbet. This product I must say again, goes a very long way and smells divine – it kind of reminds me of what a boyfriend’s jumper would smell like, homey and soft. This product priced at £7.00 does exactly what it says, leaves you skin feeling soft and scented.


Zoella Beauty has once again blown my mind. With a more mature, slik design Zoella Beauty speaks to an older audience and I defiantly think she is growing her brand whilst she grows in herself. Splash Botanicas I give these 3 products a 10/10 and I can’t wait to try the rest of the products.

Comment if you’d like me to review more of the Splash Botanicas products. Remember I review them based on how well they treat my skin, not all the nitty gritty bits.


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