A letter to my brain

My lovely friend Ida tagged me to write a letter to my brain. LOL let’s see how this goes.

Dear Brain,

What are you playing at? Why after 6 years of being medically fine have you decided it’s time to fuck about?!

It’s fine though I understand. Everything couldn’t be too great for too long right?

I just want to say we’re going to be fine. Like, honestly everything will be fine. Yes you know I’m saying this because I’m manic but still! I promise.

Can I just ask mania, when you’re leaving and depression is coming back can you please make a deal and meet in the middle somewhere? I’d really appreciate it.

Eating disorder we keep meeting lately. How about we don’t? As for you anxiety, please go away. You’re affecting my everyday job and making me double think EVERYTHING! I’d love to do this task I’ve been asked to do but you just keep shouting no. Babe, how about no, shut up.

To be honest brain, I think we’re doing bloody well considering the situation.


Rosie x

14 thoughts on “A letter to my brain

  1. Absolutely love this post. It sounds like stuff is really rough for you right now… But I gotta say, I really admire that you’re still choosing to see the positive right now and trying to befriend your brain rather than hate on it 🙂 Totally understand the feeling, and you’re handling it real well. Hope your brain gives you a break soon, wishing you the best!

  2. I loved reading this post. I ever considered doing a post like this before even though I’ve read a few other people doing this kind of post. It is interesting, to say the least.

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