Lush x2

This weekend I had the ultimate pamper sessions! I felt like I needed to treat myself and boy did I. This pamper included 2 products from Lush that I want to talk about.

Obviously, this is how they react to my skin it’s nothing to do with everything else and again I must say that if a product works or doesn’t for me it doesn’t me it will or wont for you so please still check them out!

I tried a new jelly bomb and an oil. If you read my blog, then you’ll know that with any lush bath bomb I always add an oil as I find sometimes they dry my skin out.

So, what did I try?

Turtle Immersion – Jelly Bomb

Can I just start off by saying that I was so impressed about the size! Picture of it above against my hand.

You are 100% getting your money’s worth in product material as they are only £6.95, I believe this product is a new version of an old one… You’ll have to try and let me know what you think.

I must say that this product isn’t the nicest colour, it’s very bright green so if you aren’t a fan of green slime, stay away! However, the product itself left my skin feeling lovely and smooth. I’m suffering from hay fever at the moment, so I can’t comment on the smell, but it did help clear my synestias, so I’d recommend this product maybe when your ill and need a little TLC.

My next product was probably my favourite to date from lush!

Polyamorous – Bath Oil

This is heaven in an oil, it smells dreamy and makes your skin feel dreamy, priced at £2.50 I’d stock up on this quickly – I am anyway! I was surprised that this oil didn’t float like the others I’ve tried, it sunk to the bottom of my bath and brewed away. This product includes shea butter… LUSH YOU KEEP GETTING THINGS RIGHT! It did exactly what the description said and made my skin feel cherished and the violet made me feel super relaxed.

If you have tried this product before I’d love to hear about what other products you’ve used this with because I wouldn’t use it with the Turtle Immersion again. I felt like they contradicted each other and just didn’t work well together. Separately I can imagine being AMAZING!


8 thoughts on “Lush x2

  1. The turtle one looks really cute, I’d almost feel bad using it! I haven’t actually used a Lush bath bomb – my six-year-old niece bought me one and it smelled amazing but I didn’t have the heart to use it because she’d given it to me and I wanted to keep it 😂

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