I told my 9-5 about my Bipolar

As you can guess from the title, I told my manager at work about my Bipolar today. Granted I told the person I work closest with first, but this was the first time someone in charge of me knew. I just wanted to update you all on how things have been since.

It surprisingly went very well! I have had nothing but positivity from my manager, as well as the girl I told. I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my chest. I have been in this role for 5 months and found out about my Bipolar about 3 months ago. I found I was taking days off because of the depression and I was using holiday from psychiatrist appointments.

I wanted to write a list on everything that have changed since I told work.

  1. I no longer have to use holidays for appointments, my work is more than happy for me to leave a 3 if I can get evening appointments of tart late if I can get early morning appointments.
  2. I don’t feel so pressured to keep up the manic workload when I’m depressed. Anyone who knows me at work will know that when I’m manic I will take on 20 projects and be super enthusiastic about everything. Come the depression cycle and I don’t want to know but still had to try like I cared.
  3. I’m not scared if anyone finds out anymore. I was always scared that people would judge me when they found out and treat me differently, but no one has. People at management still trust me incredibly.
  4. I’m less nervous during the depression cycle. My manager has said if I even need a day off because of it its perfectly fine and just to email her… I’m shocked that a work place takes mental illness as serious as physical illnesses.
  5. I’m no longer scared that Bipolar has changed me. I have had nothing but praise from my manager regarding my work and she even said she wouldn’t have known I was in depression because my work has always been at a great standard!

So, all in all my life isn’t to bad at the moment with Bipolar. I’m on medication now which has sent me sky high with mania, I’ll write a post about this later down the line. I don’t want to say how I feel until I’ve been on it for a while, I also have a feeling that I’m going to be switching medication because my mania is so high. I know because I got myself into a little financial crisis this week (I refuse to touch my savings) and if you know me personally you know I’m incredibly careful with money – Not this week!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve told your workplace about your health condition and if so how did it go?

7 thoughts on “I told my 9-5 about my Bipolar

  1. Well done for telling your manager! It’s great that you’ve had such a good experience too so well done to your employer! It’s nice to see companies taking mental health seriously x

  2. I’m so glad you’ve had a positive experience with this and they’re taking appropriate steps to help you! And well done for telling them in the first place – I’m proud of you!

  3. Eeekkkkkk! I’m so excited and proud of you! Telling your manager/job about your mental health can be a scary thing but I’m so glad that you did and that you had such a positive experience! And bravo to your manager/company for listening, understanding and treating you with the grace you deserve! ❤

  4. I know all of the comments on here say how lovely and understanding your workplace is but I feel like it needs to be said again! It’s great that companies are taking mental health seriously as it’s so underrated, I’m so proud of you for opening up too as it can such an unnerving thing x x

  5. good for you and i’m glad to hear everything has gone well. it’s incredible that a few months into the diagnosis, at the age of 22 (sorry, but i’m old/double your age), you are doing so many things to take care of yourself, like in this case. of course, you or anyone should never feel like you have to, but it seems like it felt right, and so that’s great!

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