How I’ve Calmed Down

For the past two weeks my anxiety has been through the roof and my eating disorder has been playing up as well. The reason? I’m suspecting, Aripiprazole.

I was warned before taking this medication for my Bipolar Disorder that it would cause my mania to rise but I didn’t think it would rise this much. I have been on edge and unable to calm my body and mind down. Everything had felt tense until Monday. Monday I came up with some calming strategies that have finally started to work! So here they are:

The Gym

I have found that going to the gym has really helped with calming my mind down because I’ve used all of the energy that has been bouncing around! An example of the energy that I’ve had is walking miles a day without getting tired.


Every time my mind started racing I’d write what I am thinking down. Every single thing. Whether that be a random word, a long sentence or an image that I could draw. I would get it down on paper.


Oh yoga? How original Rosie. Honestly though, it actually worked for me. The art of clearing your mind whilst using all of your physical energy is so useful for someone who suffers with Bipolar manic episodes. You tire yourself out whilst closing off your mind.

A Clean Room

I know this one sounds silly but to me my room is my safe space so to have it clean is super important. Cluttered room equals cluttered mind in my mind. You need a decluttered place to relax to at the end of the day so if you are struggling to calm down, perhaps tidy your room to give yourself a safe sanctuary.

Clean Bed Sheets

This goes with the previous point but having a bed with clean sheets actually does wonders with me. If I can’t calm down, then getting into bed with a book and new clean sheets helps me chill out and eventually fall asleep – strongly recommend this one.

Breathing and Counting

I have found over the years that when I can feel myself getting anxious I count one my fingers as I breath.… each inhale lasts a second and every exhale lasts the same. I also count 5 of each sense. 5 things I can touch, 5 things I can see and so one. This takes my mind off the anxiety and calms me right down.

Although these things work for me they may or may not work for you so I’d love to hear your recommendations for calming down. Please leave a comment, I’d love to try something new.


8 thoughts on “How I’ve Calmed Down

  1. I hope you feel better now. Try baking or cooking. The aroma of food makes me feel happy.
    tbh, I crochet actually. it is like a stress relief

      1. I would suggest Bella Coco on youtube. She is a great tutor for beginners who want to start crocheting. Check her videos out if you’d like 🙂

    1. I find cooking and backing does make wonders in calming too! i think that washingthe dishes can help too coz of a cold water!

  2. Whenever I feel my anxiety taking over I try to take a walk. It’s very calming. You really get your thoughts in order and you clear your mind. I have a nice walking trail near my house that I like to go to.

  3. I have a post on this 4-7-8 breathing method in my blog which I personally use whenever I’m feeling like I’m hyperventilating due to some reasons. It works for me and it helps me sleep too! I’m glad you found out how to calm down in your own ways 😊💕

  4. I hope you’re feeling better now, when my anxiety or depression is bad I’ll take a long walk or have a relaxing bath (if I can motivate myself to run one!).

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