OU Monthly Update – July

OU July Update

We’re onto EMA’s already, how quick has this Open University year gone?!

To say July has been different to June is an understatement. June was so full of worry and annoyance that I didn’t really know what to do anymore or where my journey was going. It’s safe to say I was near to throwing in the towel. I wasn’t sure if I was going to carry on or if it was worth it anymore.


I got one of my highest marks at 76! I got 76! The assignment I thought I’d done awful on and though was a 50 max I got 76 on! I’m sorry I’m just so shocked. I think this proves that regardless of how well or bad you think you’ve done you should leave the grading to the tutor not you.

I don’t have much of an update this month but I am going to leave you with this. Open University is hard. Like really hard but so is the degree. If it wasn’t you wouldn’t be crying over it. I think as OU students we have to get upset and go through the hard times to stay motivated. We don’t have a lecturer pestering us for work, we have to motivate ourselves and I can tell you now I haven’t felt more motivated then now. I felt the worst I’ve ever felt about OU and then received an amazing mark. The joy I felt last night when I saw that mark has gotten me out of my rut and has given me to umf to go on!

I also want to touch on the grade itself and say don’t be disheartened by students saying they have 76. I on average get 60-70 because I haven’t had the same life experience as most of the people in my tutor group forum who are getting 80-90. I’m 22. OU is made for people who aren’t so much academic but who can pull situation and information from their working life, if you’re young hold up and know that 50-60 is amazing! 40 is a pass so even if you get 45 you are still 5 above the pass mark!

If you recently graduated congrats and if you have passed a year, well done!


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