Where I’ve Been?

Hi again, it’s only me. I know shocker I’m actually posting something. I just thought it would be a nice thing to just update you all on where I’ve been and why I’ve been so quiet.

Firstly, I’ve just been super busy at work. All the big bosses are now in big meetings in another office, so prep has been mad for the ladies I assist. My contract is also coming to an end as well since I haven’t extended or accepted their permeant offer. This is because I’m ready for something else and the girl at work is just getting too much, I’m to young to put up with shit – simple as.

As well as work my university journey is getting stressful. It is the last month of studying and the last big essays are due in. Two complex essays that I must write by September 20th – stressful! I seem to not be able to concentrate and I will explain in my next point.

My bipolar. I seem the be having more rapid cycles and my depression cycles are getting bigger and longer, I would say they are becoming increasingly hardcore. This led me to having an emergency appointment with my psychiatrist this week, he was so concerned that his now put me on Prozac. This has got to me slightly because I’ve gone from lasting 22 years with no medication to being put on Aripiprazole and now Prozac within 4 months ahhhhhhhh! I will write a blog post about this later on, when I have the time, promise!

Anyway, I just thought it was fair if I just updated you all, instead of you wondering why I’d gone silent, I am here still. However, I do sometimes wish I could go back to be an anonymous blogger, it has become a lot now there are 1600 of you on twitter, that being said there are now 126 of you on here and I couldn’t be more in love with the idea of entertaining you or helping you.

What have you been up too? Update me in the comments 😊

8 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been?

  1. Hi Rosie, as you know, life can test a person. Unfortunately, you add self imposed deadlines to the mix and things can get overwhelming. Add just general life – the ying and the yang – and well, it also gets to you. Just keep on keeping on. The time will pass anyway, which always humbles me. ✌️

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