Changing Times

I write this as I’m sitting at my desk at work. “Why aren’t you working Rosie?” I’m on my lunch break ok! Stop with the judging.

So I’m going to jump right in to it, being away from my blog has made me realise the following things.

1. I care to much.

2. Prozac kills creativity.

3. I want to transform my blog into a traveling and living with bipolar blog.

4. Aripiprazole is my best friend now.

5. I’ve finally accepted my Bipolar.

The 3rd is the most important. Whilst I’ve been away suffering with Bipolar I thought the reason I wasn’t having amazing ideas for my blog was because I was on medication. So what I did next will come at no surprise. You guessed right – I came off medication.


It had nothing to do with my Bipolar medication it was just my Prozac. So after arguing with my psychiatrist for about 40 minutes we agreed no more Prozac (I’ll write a post on this some day).

I now feel free to write again and inspired.

My Bipolar inspires me.

That’s why I’m changing my blog and now basing it around my Bipolar. I want to help people understand more about it, especially with travelling.

I travelled to Paris recently for my 23rd birthday and before I went I googled and googled how to make my Bipolar behave whilst travelling and NOTHING.

My last day as a 22nd year old… still no cooler haha!

Absolutely nothing.

So, as you all know, 24th February is the day I jet off to Thailand for my first out of Europe backpacking trip!

I now invite you to join me in learning all about culture, lifestyle and countries all whilst living with the disease that is, Bipolar.

Welcome to the new Rosiesx

Love Always,


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