OU Monthly Update – January 2019

As you all know I have been studying with the Open University for the past 3 years, stressful? yes, rewarding? yes. So why have I all of a sudden decided to defer my modules until October 2019?

Flashback to two months ago. I was sitting at work, slightly stressed out, I’d seen my psychiatrist three days before hand where he had told me I had begun to show old traits of mania which I had before medication. Granted I was currently off my medication at the time but still, I’m not mental!

The reasoning behind this is that I was stressing myself out too much by working to hard. Possible? Clearly!

Whilst working 9-5 is normal for most people, is also studying 30+ hours on top of that? I think not. Having Bipolar I’ve learnt that I don’t have a normal level of stress, why? because it causes me to go manic. So whilst I was sitting in work stressing I realised my health is simply more important than my degree.

It was a hard decision to make but Open University guided me the whole way through deferring. Not only did they sit on the phone with me and discuss options but they also understood that health is more important. This I found gob smacking. York, I just walked out. Open University, they made me a structured plan for deferring and then when the time comes for me to rejoin in October 2019 we will be reassess and then making a new plan on how to reduce my stress levels so my mania stays at bay.

Open University 100 – Brick University 0

As for now, my Open University journey has paused. Due to this I will no longer be posting monthly updates, however they will resume closer to the time of October 2019. If you want to hear more about my university experiences then please let me know and I will write some blog posts. Whether that be on meeting new people, how Open University works, my experience with tutors or Brick University vs Open University –  Let me know

All the best,


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