My Open Degree

Hi Loves, how are we all? Good, I’m glad we’re all alive and living. Anyway, I wanted to write a post about why I’ve switched degrees.

If you read my blog then you will know I write a monthly update about my journey with The Open University. This post, however, isn’t a monthly update. It’s more of a “what and why”.

If you want to read my monthly updates start with my most recent here!

Anyway, let’s jump into the story.

Before I deferred my module B207, I was studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management. I now, however, have switched my degree to an Open Degree and transferred my credits over.


The reason I’ve done this? Because an Open degree gives me more freedom to study what I want and in all honesty I’ve fallen out of love with Business. I really have sadly, I find it quite boring and I have no motivation to study it anymore.

What’s great about an open degree?

The qualification is uniquely built for you, meaning you chose modules from a wide range of subjects that you find interesting. For example, I have studied Business and Management but I plan on studying psychology as well now. Why? Because my interests have changed. The open degree allows your mind to wander.

I’m extremely excited to restart with the Open University and I can’t wait to start up again after my break.

To find out more about open degrees check this link and also message me if you’re stuck!


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