What’s in my daypack for South East Asia

I asked on twitter in the week if you’d like to see what’s in my bags before I go travelling and you voted yes!

I’m also doing this because I think it would be quite interesting to reflect on when I come back from travelling.

So let’s go! Here is what’s in my rucksack that I will be taking onboard the flight and using whilst running around enjoying my life in South East Asia.

Disclaimer, obviously I will be exchanging some of these things and putting them in my main backpack when I’m off flights and in an actual location because I’m not going to take a neck pillow with my to the beach am I? Actually, that might be comfortable… interesting.

Firstly, let’s start with a photo of the content of my rucksack and my

Pretty I know. I got my rucksack at Sports Direct years ago for a nice price of £17.99, keep in mind that it is a Karrimor so you’re paying for the quality. Link is here if you’d like to check them out!

Passport, Money and Travel Insurance

I keep these together in a little wallet. I found this tip online somewhere and have found since having a “travel wallet” that I feel a lot more organised. At security I can just reach into my bag and grab my wallet which will have my passport, at shops in the airport again, I can just grab my wallet and my bank cards are all there. I also find that this alot more secure because I’m not routing around for things in my bag which would give someone the perfect time to steal something or for something to accidentally fall out.


It also helps that it has flamingos on it.


If you travel often you will know the tip that you should always keep your medication on your person instead of putting it in your hold baggage. This is just incase something goes wrong and your hold bag doesn’t end up in the same location as you – it happens, touch wood it’s never happened to me but still, it could. I carry my medication in this cute little bag that I found in a shop called Flying Tiger Copenhagen for £1! I use this bag because it stops me from losing and searching for my medication boxes in my rucksack, it also helps the boxes from being damaged.


Travel Journal/ Notebook

I always keep a notebook on my when I travel. This is so i can scribble notes down when is needed i.e. accommodation addresses, home addresses for postcards and points for card games. Recently however, I read a blog post by Where Charlie Wanders about keeping a travel journal as you travel. That is why now I will be keeping notes of my travels in my new journal – link to the blog post is here .


“I like to keep notebooks and now travel journals with me in my rucksack because airports and delayed flights are the perfect time to write about your trip and keep notes up to date.”

Travel Belt

I keep a travel belt with me at all times and always have. Why? Because if you’re anywhere you don’t feel comfortable or somewhere that’s high in pickpocketing you can put your important items in there and tie it around you. When I say this I mean when you’re in markets and you’d rather have your money strapped to you rather than in a big bag then it’s completely ideal. If you are travelling overnight on trains then you can put your money and passport in it for safekeeping. I’m not saying this is a must, I’m just recommending because this item will always stay in this bag.


Travel Socks

I travel with travel socks, ok, I’m one of them people. But I have a very good reason for it! My ankle swells so bad from where I sprained it. Travel socks are known to help swelling on long haul flights. This item will stay with me and I can’t fault them so give them a try. Plus they are SUPER cosy.


Electronics Bag

I like to keep all my electronics together so I have my electronics bag, this bag was just a bag I had left over from some packing cubes (which I will mention in my backpacking post) but I have found it to be very handy. Before I used to have my electronics spread out in my bag and I’d lose them all the time so I thought let’s put everything together. The content includes, my Gopro, battery pack, international plug, phone charger and Gopro accessories.



Now I know what’s going to happen here. Everyone’s going to say “why don’t you use a kindle?!” well I’ll tell you why. I like carrying books because I find most hostels have a bookshelf where you can switch books with another traveller and 9/10 they will have a nice little message in them which I think is adorable and so cool.


For this trip I will be taking a book from my favourite travel youtuber PsychoTraveller (Aly Ford), Fearne Cotton and Catherine Gray. I can not wait to start reading these either on the plan or on a beach somewhere with a beer!

Ear Plugs

Just get some. They are a lifesaver when you are on planes trying to sleep, hostels and trains.

Hand Sanitizer and Handy Wipes

Now this is a new one for me I’ve never really travelled with these two before. I’ve never felt the need to put them in my bag but boy have I needed them. I find they would’ve been so handy when eating on the go and when you get into a little mess. They are also good for if you are a little bit concerned with cleaning a tray on the plane before eating/putting your head down for some z’s – lets see how we go with this one.

Eye Tissue Masks

I know what your thinking, an eye mask made of tissue? No not that sort of mask. I mean a mask for face moisturizing. I find my face gets extremely dry during flights, SO I like to use eye tissue masks. They are extremely helpful and just gives my face the moisture it needs. They are just super small and handy – perfect size to get through customs as well.


Playing Cards

Now I have spent hours bored in airports because of delays… I mean I had an 8 hour delay from Turkey once and the only thing that saved us was a pack of playing cards. I’d highly recommend keeping a pack on you at all times.


Neck Pillow

I’m not going to lie to you all, I’ve never used one before. I always find a way to sleep but I thought for this 13 hour flight I would try one… I’ll keep you posted!

That’s it people, that’s all I have in my rucksack that I will be taking on the plane with me. Leave a comment if you think I have too much or too little and also let me know what you take!

4 thoughts on “What’s in my daypack for South East Asia

  1. I love the eye mask idea! I may start doing that. I always bring a reusable water bottle too because I get so dehydrated when I fly! You can fill it up once you get through security screening. 😊

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