Thailand – Bangkok and Chiang Mai


13 hour flight done. I didn’t have a single panic attack, go Rosie. It’s 5:30 pm Bangkok time. I’ve landed and my is it boiling. We head out the exit of the airport and get the 60 Baht bus into the centre of town. Madness is an understatement, little did we know that we had been dropped bang in the middle of Khao San Road, the famous party road. Time to find the hostel and go out and explore.


Where do you begin in Thailand? Well I have read every blog post possible and checked every travel blog and they all say, of course, Bangkok! I read that most people stay on the famous Khao San Road but I stayed about a 5 minute walk from the crazy road.

Although I spent most of my evenings in Khao San Road. Why? Because it has amazingly cheap food, I’m still dreaming of the Pad Thai.

If you’re a solo traveller it is also a great place to meet people and of course, partyyyyyyyyy!

There are many a temple in Bangkok and lots of buddha’s I recommend that you rent a tuk tuk for the day and ask them to take you around the city so you can visit all the must do’s such as The Grand Palace, Golden Buddha and Wat Pho (the sleeping buddha). Remember to be respectful and cover your shoulders and knees!

After 4 days in Bangkok we decided to take a sleeper train from Bangkok train station to Chiang Mai up in the north. I think we just needed some quiet.


Chiang Mai

I think if you have time you should 100% visit Chiang Mai. It’s slightly cooler than Bangkok, well it’s meant to be but I couldn’t tell a difference LOL. I recommend just getting a map and getting completely lost. This is what we did and we came across a cute little british bar/restaurant called Annie’s. The main town of Chiang Mai isn’t too big, you can walk from one end of the city to the other in 30 minutes. So get out and get lost… in the nicest way.

I don’t think we did Chiang Mai correctly because we missed out temples because our main reason for being there was to see elephants. As you’ll know Thailand has a massive controversy around the treatment of elephants but if you do your research you will come across the Elephant Nature Park.

We signed up for this trip, starting with a 2 hour drive to the forest. We were then met by the big fella’s that are the elephants. I was in love straight away. We got to feed them, go on a short walk with them and then also bath them in the mud and river.


As well as this we also got to visit a waterfall and do a bamboo kayak river tour down the river in the park, obviously I didn’t get any picture of this because I didn’t want my phone getting wet and I didn’t have my gopro.

Back to Bangkok

After 3 days in Chiang Mai we headed back to Bangkok to head to the airport to make our way to the islands.


7 thoughts on “Thailand – Bangkok and Chiang Mai

  1. I’d love to go! I think I’d have to go with other people but it’s definitely on my to go to list! I was genuinely looking forward to reading your posts about your trip to Asia and this have definitely satiated my needs… for now!!!

    Mel x | melaniewithanie

  2. Chiangmai is normally a lot cooler than Bangkok around Nov to end Feb. If you went there after Feb, then it won’t be too much different from Bangkok’s weather.

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