Goodbye Open Degree

Yes I’m back. Hello. How you doing? I’m fab.

I’m sure by the title of this blog post you are probably wondering what the hell am I doing.

“I thought you’d just signed up for a open degree”.

Uh well yes, I did.

BUT life changes.

I changed my mind. Going travelling opened my mind and now I know what I’d like to do with life and a Business degree would suit me alot better.

I want to open a hostel. A hostel for the lovers of travel.

I still stand by what I said about an open degree, it is incredible for people who don’t know what they want to study or for people who want to study more than one subject. However my motivation for business has come back. I’m good at it so why not stick with it.

Plus I think a BA in business management will look better for what I want to achieve than an open degree. I still very much have an interest in psychology, maybe one day I’ll do a second degree in it.

So, starting in October 2019 I will be restarting my Open University journey and starting my 3rd year – yay!


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