Bipolar Q&A

I frequently get asked alot of questions about Bipolar, whether that be online or day to day. So I decided to create this Bipolar Q&A to answer any burning questions you have.

Question 1. Am I single because of my Bipolar?

The answer is no. This has nothing to do with my bipolar. I’m single because I want to concentrate on myself and develop as a person. If anything I get attention I just turn it down.

Question 2. When’s the perfect time to tell someone you have Bipolar?

I get asked this question a lot. My answer to it is, whenever you feel like the right time is. With friends I’m very picky because I don’t want any judgement from anyone. Family I only told a handful of people when I first got diagnosed, e.g. My mum, brother, nan ect. However on new years eve I dedicated a post on instagram to my bipolar so now everyone knows. I just want to help end the stigma surrounding it.

Question 3. How do you work and have Bipolar?

The simple answer to this is I’ve just been super lucky to have super supportive managers. The last two jobs I’ve had when I’ve told my manager they’ve asked how they can help. My last manager would allow me to take my break in half when I was manic to calm down and also work from home when I’m on a low. Honestly the only way I can work with my Bipolar is if I have supportive people around me. Plus it makes me feel slightly normal, having a normal routine.

Question 4. When did I discover I had Bipolar? What was my first symptoms?

I discovered I had Bipolar in April of 2018 when I got referred to a psychiatrist. Bipolar i an extremely hard diagnosis to get but all of my symptoms pointed to it.

At first I was getting very paranoid. I went through London one day to work and got 4 buses because I thought everyone on the bus was staring at me. I was also getting into extremely low moods where I was skipping work because I couldn’t get out of bed. I’m not going to go to far into symptoms because it’s a very personal journey for most people and I think it would need its own blog post lol.

Question 5. What causes Bipolar, can I get it?

There is no known cause for Bipolar. The disease is highly heritable so family members pass it down throughout the generations. Experiencing traumatic events can also increase the risk as well as heavy drinking and drug usage. So yes you can get the disease but it is very unlikely to happen unless you have it in the family.

Question 6. Can Bipolar be cured?

No, it’s a chronic illness it lasts a lifetime sadly.

Question 7. Do I prefer being Manic or Depressed?

Manic. I get super creative and energetic when manic and due to medication my mania doesn’t become dangerous. I don’t think anyone would pick depression, if you’ve been depressed you’ll understand why.

Question 8. Do my friends treat me differently since being diagnosed?

To be completely honest, yes. If anything it’s shown me who cares and who doesn’t. Sometimes when you’re in a depressive episode only a select few will check on you and make sure you’re ok. The others won’t and that distinguish the difference between best friends and just friends. They always make sure I take my medication and make sure I’m ok.

There we have it. If you have any other questions about Bipolar disorder then please just message me on here or via my twitter!

Love Rosiesx


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