Cambodia – Siem Reap

My Cambodia adventure consisted of travelling from Phuket to Siem Reap by plane.

Siem Reap, the city of temples, home to the amazing and stunning Angkor Wat. Siem Reap is located in the north west of Cambodia and was the only place I visited. I only had 4 days to enjoy this area and boy did I.

Before going to Cambodia I recommend that you research its history. This is important because Cambodia is still finding its way after a dreadful genocide that was carried out between 1975 and 1979 were about 1.5-3 million Cambodian people were killed.

However, I have found that you will never met more friendly and helpful people.

I wouldn’t recommend spending long in Siem Reap because other then Angkor Wat there isn’t much to do. I stayed in Funky Flashpackers Hostel and met some of the nicest people. If you are after a party stay in either Mad Monkeys or Funky’s, this will enable you to meet people and have a whale of a time in the party scene. It’s worth noting that hostels in Cambodia are about 2 USD a night – SUPER CHEAP

A big thing to note is Cambodia use its own currency as well as USD. Unless you are paying for small small things you’ll only need USD.

So, what did I do to occupy my time in Siem Reap?

I drank, slept, ate and visited what can only be described as one of the most stunning temples in the world. I’m going to leave a few photos below to show my time at Funky’s and also the amazing Angkor Wat.

It isn’t a pool party without a jager train!

We decided to do the morning tour of Angkor Wat which started at 04:20 am. This was so we could witness the famous sunrise. Boy was we disappointed as it was a cloudy day and we completely missed it. So tip for you is to make sure you check the weather forecast before hand. It costs $37 dollars to enter the temples so make sure you get your money’s worth and stay there for at least half a day.

When walking one day along a road not far from Funky’s we came across a cafe that served the most gorgeous brunch. I can’t remember what it was called but I will update this page when I find out. You could get a coffee and food for under $6 – highly recommend!

On our last day the hostel were really nice and stored our luggage for us as we still had a decent 6 hours to enjoy the hostel facilities i.e. the pool. Once our time had come we got on a tuk tuk and made our way to the airport. Keep in mind that this did take around 30/40 minutes a lot longer than a taxi which we got for $10 on arrival, which only took 20 minutes. This tuk tuk cost $3 each, a total of $6 so if you have the time I’d highly recommend switching out a taxi for a tuk tuk.

That ladies and gentlemen ends our time in Cambodia. I 100% want to go back and check out the capital and the islands but for now we are going to be heading to Vietnam!











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