About Me

Oh hey, welcome to Rosiesx.

You were probably looking for something Open University, skincare, mental health, or lifestyle related. Equally you may have just found my blog by accident, either way hi and welcome!

Let me introduce myself. I’m Rosie, I’m 23 years old and live in London, United Kingdom. I have a pretty busy life and here’s where I blog about it. As of right now I’m working full time in a normal office job 9-5, studying part time with The Open University and blogging. I originally started this blog as a diary for when I was suffering with an eating disorder at 14 but have since been diagnosed with Bipolar. I started by reviewing products that helped with my hair (if you suffer with an ED you’ll know that losing your hair is one of the major problems) and talking about my feelings (cringe). I now blog about EVERYTHING in between.

If you came here looking for OU support, then check out my monthly updates.

If you came here looking for Bipolar or eating disorder stuff, then check out my mental health tab.

Travel however… well I haven’t really had time to blog about my travels yet, but I will be changing this when I go backpacking in Asia in February 2018 for three months (any suggestions, please comment on a post or message me!)

Oh and I write the odd post about music festivals, subscription boxes, fashion pieces that I just LOVE and days that I find to be my favourite.

As for now, make a cuppa, take a seat, get reading and remember – you got this.

Love Always,

Rosie aka Rosiesx

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hello.. I’m a seventeen-year-old boy..
    I want to make friends but I don’t have any.. My former friends all abandoned me..
    If I may ask, may I be friends with you? If you allow it, I’ll tell you my Twitter address.

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