Blogging to keep track?

Since I went to the doctors a few weeks back and got a referral, I haven’t been able to stop researching bi polar. I’ve been watching a YouTuber called LizziesAnswers who is AMAZING! She’s been through so much and is just so raw and honest, she’s also super relatable because she’s 23. She’s not a typical YouTuber that has the “everything will be fine” story, … Continue reading Blogging to keep track?

The Book VS Social Media

Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest. All forms of social media that magnify skinny perfect looking men and women. For a person with an eating disorder it is extremely hard to not look at this content of search for it when you know it’s available. Instagram has made an amazing step by offering help for anyone searching for such content before showing it, but is this enough? … Continue reading The Book VS Social Media