I told my 9-5 about my Bipolar

As you can guess from the title, I told my manager at work about my Bipolar today. Granted I told the person I work closest with first, but this was the first time someone in charge of me knew. I just wanted to update you all on how things have been since. It surprisingly went very well! I have had nothing but positivity from my … Continue reading I told my 9-5 about my Bipolar

All Points East Festival

Yesterday I attended All Points East (APE) festival at Victoria park in London. I won’t lie, going into this festival I was extremely anxious because I was putting myself in a position that was full of all things bad for me, minus the music of course. Festivals to me before bipolar were the place where I could drink till my hearts content, do substances that … Continue reading All Points East Festival

My first bank holiday sober

So here we are, at the end of a bank holiday. I haven’t broken my non alcohol ban and I’m completely sober! Accomplishment I think so! Well done Rosie! The bank holiday worried me. Normally on a bank holiday I’d go out on the Friday night with a bunch of friends and get off my nutter – yes I’m using the word nutter. Wake up … Continue reading My first bank holiday sober

The two that got away

So you’ve been diagnosed with Bi Polar type 2 and then told that you can no longer drink. GREAT. Being someone who lives in an alcohol fuelled city, where going to the pub is just another everyday attitude, this was my worst nightmare. I realised that I don’t see many bloggers talking about this side of bi polar or addressing it, so I thought I’d … Continue reading The two that got away

Canary Wharf Winter Lights

I’ve always been a lover for art, so after being back in London for two days I ended up at the Canary Wharf Winter Lights festival. This event is a special one for me because as I’ve been for the passed two years with my nan, we go and admire the art in the cold weather and then go to Nero’s cafe for hot drinks and a gossip.

This year wasn’t my favourite for overall art pieces I won’t lie but neither the less it was still amazing. This year bought an array of colour and giant bunnies… Below are my favourite pieces including artist name and piece name.







If you enjoy cold strolls, bright lights and busy cities I’d highly recommend the Canary Wharf lights festivals. Ideal for a first date or as I do, a nan date.


Continue reading “Canary Wharf Winter Lights”